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Mr. Ernest Chen

A consummate speaker with immense experience, Mr. Ernest Chen is a distinguished toastmaster and known as the Father of Toastmasters Clubs in Singapore. In 2000, He spearheaded the Speech Marathon lasting 36 hours with over 800 speakers participated. He has also conducted many workshops on public speaking and how to organize speech contests for schools teachers. He was the Chief Judge for PESA speech contests and Toastmasters International speech contests for many years.

Ernest has a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Sydney and MBA from Andrews University. He was awarded Public Service Medal - PBM in 1993 and Public Service Star - BBM in 2004 by the President of The Republic of Singapore.

Mr. Frank Kuijsters

Frank worked for several international training and consultancy organisations (Digne Consult Europe, Hudson International, VNU Media, Intermediair Management Training). Besides his leadership roles within these companies he continued to train, coach and design management development programs for multi-cultural groups. Over the years he deliverd training, coaching and designed management development programs for a wide range of organisations in Asia and Europe.

The combination of his management experience and his genuine interest in people makes him a qualified sparring partner for organizations and their employees. He excels at developing employees in combination with business objectives. He is result driven, pragmatic, authentic and has an enthusiastic, stimulating and involving working style. Frank empowers others to reach both their personal, professional and organizational goals by using new approaches to a situation and by determining the real problem behind a problem. His key passion is to give people insight in how they can take responsibility for their own future by focusing positively on their opportunities and capabilities.

Frank has more than twenty years of experience in training, coaching, human resources and organisation development. Over the years he has trained and coached (senior) executives and professionals at all levels in profit and non-profit organisations in multiple country's in Asia and Europe. He is a business coach to both entrepreneurs and executives of entrepreneurial firms. In his previous consulting role, he worked extensively on leadership/management capability issues, designed leadership development programs and has profiled (managing) directors of different organisations. He has consulted with different international and governmental organisations in Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. Furthermore he writes articles for the trade press and has shared his knowledge in workshops at the HR Summit in Singapore, the Malaysian HR Congress and the Asia Pacific HRM Congress in Mumbai. His business background ensures all training services provided deliver a measurable and sustainable ROI.

Originally Frank graduated in 1983 in professional development, training, communication and coaching at the University of Amsterdam followed by a masters program at the University of Nijmegen in The Netherlands (1991). Over recent years he has broadened and deepened his expertise by studying Theatre pedagogics (University of Berlin in Germany), Strategies in Services (Insead France), Projectmanagement and Change management (Netherlands) Coach Passport Program (Kuala Lumpur Malaysia) and Master Practioner Neuro Linguistic Programming (Singapore). Frank is internationally certified in the Proficiency® Training.

Mr. David Lim

David Lim is best known for leading the landmark 1st Singapore Everest Expedition in 1998 ( as well as the second in 2001 ). Partially disabled from a devastating rare nerve disorder since 1998, his comeback story of overcoming the odds made the cover of the Readers Digest magazine in 2001, and has since been translated into eight languages. He was in management at a publishing house for nearly a decade until 1998.

Since 1999, David has been a sought-after expert on motivation, facilitating change, building high performing teams, and creating experiential learning programmes. David has a B.A. in Law from Cambridge University, and is accredited in many profiling instruments. He is also an Associate Meta-Coach, certified practitioner in Neuro-Semantics and Neuro-Linguistics Programming. President of the Asia Professional Speakers ( 2007-8), his work also includes being an adjunct lecturer for INSEAD Business School. David hasn't given up climbing, and is a veteran of over 55 alpine and expedition ascents around the world.

Ms. Catherine Chan

Catherine Chan is a qualified image professional in Singapore, recognised by Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), the leading and largest professional association of image consultants worldwide.

She has the background and expertise to serve corporate as well as individuals, who want to make a positive change to present their most effective image to the world, helping them flourish in their business, career and personal lives.

She honed her skills in image and branding through her sixteen years stint in the corporate arena. Having advised corporations and high level executives in image management and branding with proven results, Catherine has intimate knowledge on how to project one's image with impact and how to create a powerful presence.

Catherine recognises that there are many individuals out there with excellent skills and talents and yet, are unable to attain their goals effectively. She is passionate and dedicated in helping clients to bridge the gap and help them to align their visual identity with their talents, skills, vision and values in life so that they can progress towards an enhanced appearance, self-assured attitude and improved performance

Catherine is an associate member of AICI, which is based in the United States and has served as a member of the pioneering Communications Sub-Committee of AICI South Asia- Singapore Chapter. She currently serves as a member of its Education Sub-Committee.

Mr. Jacky Lim

With several years of experience in the sales and marketing profession, Jacky is a highly valued and sought-after Life Coach and internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer.

Over the years, Jacky has successfully trained and coached hundreds of people in various organizations, ranging from schools, corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Having worked with various organizations like NYP, the Singapore General Hospital, CDAC, MCYS, NACLI, Singapore Power Group, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore Air Force, NHST Media Group, True Beauty International etc, Jacky has enriched and enhanced the lives of countless individuals through his highly engaging, dynamic and charismatic training

Today, Jacky specializes in facilitating NLP-related programs, especially in the areas of corporate sales, business communication, presentation and public speaking etc. Moreover his written articles on "Confront your Fears", "Be Clear about your Goals" and “Be a Master of Persuasion?had all been featured in The Straits Times.

Also an entrepreneur, an active Lion, a marathon lover, and a champion speaker at numerous Toastmasters speech contests, Jacky is an epitome of the undying spirit and relentless will to live significantly and fulfilled. His favorite theme is to "Live your Dreams. Fulfill your Passion.?

Mr. David Goldwich

David Goldwich was born and raised in Miami, Florida, USA. He has a BA degree in Political Science with a focus on Political Communication, Organization Theory, and Psychology. He has an MBA with a specialization in Business Management and Organization and also earned a JD degree. David practiced law in the United States for more than ten years, arguing before judges and advocating before political, governmental, and community bodies. He is also trained as a mediator. He has experience managing a small business as well, serving as CEO of BVS, Inc., an employment screening company, from 1996-98.

Recognizing that lawyers often perpetuate rather than solve problems, David began lecturing and training in 1995. He has taught at the tertiary level in the USA and in Singapore, teaching in the areas of law, management, organizational behavior, communications skills, and critical and creative thinking.

As a trainer, David applies the "80/20 Rule" to training by identifying the few critical tools necessary for the greatest improvement and presenting them in a form that is simple to learn and simple to use. The psychology of learning and NLP technology feature in all of his material to provide delegates with the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and participatory experiences required for better, faster learning. David's ability, sense of humor, and wealth of experience enable him to deliver breakthrough changes at all levels. He has trained delegates ranging from Directors to shop floor personnel.

As a specialist in communication, persuasion, and presentation skills, David has written numerous articles on business and communications issues, and is the author of Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?: Lessons in Effective Communication. He has delivered presentations to large and small audiences, and hosted a television talk show. As a member of Toastmasters International, he has won multiple speech competitions.

Ms. Guinevere Ho

Guinevere Ho is a Certified Image and Etiquette consultant. She is trained with First Impressions, a leading Image Management Consultancy that spans across Europe and Asia. Guinevere graduated top of her University cohort with a Distinction in Bachelor of Business (Business Administration) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Prior to founding her own image consultancy firm, Guinevere had worked in the private sectors for 12 years. It has given her invaluable experience in sales & marketing, branding, customer service and business development. Having worked with numerous multinational corporate clients, she has developed strategic insights into diverse business cultures and settings. This is an edge in complementing her consultation to help individuals and corporations build and enhance their personal and corporate image to stand out in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Her passion is to help people discover how to create an effective style so that they can look good and feel good about their whole image. She believes everyone can manage their image to impress at first sight or to always receive deferential treatment. She will help you take the guesswork out of what to wear to accentuate your strengths, the colour choices for dressing, makeup and hair and how to conduct yourself in a social or business setting to achieve a total successful image for the added poise, power and credibility.

Guinevere is a very passionate, dynamic and approachable speaker. Her delivery is to keep it fresh and very practical so that participants can take-away readily applied life skills. Participants love the way she injects personal experiences, fun and hands-on activities into her workshops. Coupled with her professional knowledge and up-to-date training modules, many participants have found her workshops to be very insightful and effective in helping them build confidence and in their image transformation.

Her corporate clientele includes A*STAR, CapitaLand Commercial Ltd, Cold Storage Singapore, Credit Suisse, Civil Service Club, Ellipse Consultants, Ernst & Young, Macquarie Capital Securities (Singapore) Pte Limited, National Library Board, One Legal LLC and SAFRA. She also works with many learning and educational institutions counting Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School, Institute of Technical Education, Lewin Education Centre, Raffles Girl Primary School, STTA School of Sports & Management and many more.

Mr. Ricky Lien

Ricky specialises in programmes for individuals and organisations on communication skills. Ricky has breakthrough practices for creativity in all human enterprises. He enters into a high energy dynamic partnership with his participants. His genius for creating innovative paradigms for personal and professional fulfillment is unexcelled.

He is a professional speaker and trainer in leadership, communications, sales, motivation and self-confidence.

Ricky is an Australian citizen, and in February 2004, he established his business in Singapore, where he spends more of his time.

His background includes working with national and multinational corporations in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Clients worked with include:

  • 3M
  • Arcasia Land
  • Bankers Institute of Malaysia.
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
  • DBS Bank
  • DuPont
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Housing Development Board
  • Land Transport Authority
  • MobileOne
  • National Computer Systems
  • Nokia
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
  • Whirlpool S.E.A.

Ricky's appeal lies in his unique ability to make individuals feel that he knows what exactly they are going through and how they feel. He talks passionately about creativity and innovation, about workplace change, about handling difficult situations, about communications skills, about meeting management, sales, teamwork, about each person's uniqueness and leaves everyone highly energised and motivated. They go back to their workplace knowing that they can make a difference. They will have a host of practical strategies and skills to make the changes they want.

This confidence in Ricky comes because of his background in the corporate and business environment as well as his fun, warmth, sincerity and dynamism. Ricky has been on radio frequently, with his topics on Positive Business Minutes.

Ricky is a trained facilitator, an accredited administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Whole Brain Technology, ThinkOnYourFeet©, DiSC Personal Profile, a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner(NLP) & a certified National Australian Assessor & Workplace Trainer.

Ms. Choo Kah Ying

Formerly an academic researcher in the U.S. for eight years, Choo Kah Ying is a writer/educator/consultant and a homeschooler of her autistic son. She has graduated from University of New England, Australia with a B.A., majoring in English Literature and Antioch University, Los Angeles, California with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, with courses in Psychology.

Since her return to Singapore in August 2005, she has transformed her academic work and life experiences into writings, talks/workshops and consultations. She has covered topics in the areas of parenting, autism, special education, innovative learning strategies and mental wellness in talks and workshops for caregivers, teachers and professionals, students and the general public.

To date, her publications include three books (All Because of the Hummingbird or the Horse, Raising Sebastien: Realising Your Autistic Child’s Potential,and Five Little White Pills… and then There Were None: A Journey from Manic Depression to Recovery). Her articles on parenting, education, autism and mental wellness and parent have appeared in The Straits Times, Today and several magazines such as Today’s Parents and Shape. She has also established a forum to educate, empower and inspire people to adopt a proactive approach in the areas of parenting, education and mental wellness.  

Ms. Carina Tien

Ms Carina has 20 years of career experience in human resource management, office and administrative management, insurance sales as well as business development in numerous multi-national companies. She has worked through the rank and file and held positions of HRM Manager, Member Relations and Development - Asia Pacific, International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) and many more.

Apart from her corporate credentials, Ms Carina is an accomplished Voice Coach and has given outstanding performances in the performance arts scene. She has been a distinguished performer at The Esplanade since 2004.

Ms Carina's aspiration is to inspire and see women achieving their potentials. Being a single mother, she fully understands the challenges that today's women face; in having to balance family life and work demands. Being personally involved in two HR right sizing exercises, Ms Carina has viewed them as a brand new start of another chapter in life. With her perseverance and determination, Ms Carina established her own consultancy firm, The Voice Room, in year 2003.

Ms Carina is constantly aware that a complete balance in the body, mind and soul is essential for real happiness as well as to fulfil her goals and dreams in life. She believes that all women have such potentials to do so. Today, Ms Carina is keen to share her knowledge and experiences with all women to create a rewarding and fulfilling life!

Ms Carina was conferred a Bachelor Degree in Business Studies & Human Resource Management from UK, Diploma in Communication Studies, Advertising and Business Administration. She also holds an Advance Certificate in Training, from the Workforce Development Authority of Singapore

Mr. Rex-Marten

Rex-Marten Arno Gaidies was born in Germany and grew up in Berlin. As a very young man he started to study about theatre, starting from dancing, choreography, acting, drama, puppet play and until finally stage directing. His long time studies and in the same time working in the field itself makes him a person with high expertise in the field of culture and performing arts.

With the same opulence from the very beginning Rex-Marten Arno Gaidies cares about educating young academics.  Beside his permanent work in European theaters he started to teach in regular schools, universities and special schools subjects always involving performing art connected to the main content of the special educational institute.  With the advancement of teaching methods, he decided to enroll in specific classes for teaching at the University of Saarland in 1992.

Based on his interest in teaching, his later works involves more of developing programs which teaches children and adults to learn about their language or foreign languages while playing as well as a program for higher education to practice theoretical contents in practical role-play lessons connected to on-the-job training.

His social activities and his intercultural interests guided him very early on to his mission to connect different culture based on the development of education all over the world.  In 1998 he started to teach outside of Europe at the international platform beginning at the University of Art in Bali Indonesia, European art comprising of: dance and shadow play (puppet play), aesthetic, teaching performing art, word manipulation and improvisation.  In the same year, he also set up the International Arts Department at the same university.

This international work brought the contact to worldwide help organizations, so that Rex-Marten Arno Gaidies decided to open his own organization to help to develop education special in Indonesia.  His social engagement guided him to take part of the work of the United Nations, so that he finally was working for UNESCO the United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.  With UNESCO he found the best platform where all his interests in his lifework are connected.  This work culminated in 2005 with his decision to work for the Republic of Vanuatu as Second Adviser of culture and education.

Since 2008 Rex-Marten Arno Gaidies has returned to Indonesia and is involved in different projects in Asia and the South pacific.

Ms. Faye M. Devlin

Faye is a native English speaker and is a Singapore PR. Since graduating from Bangalore University (India)in 1993 with a Bachelor's Degree in Science she has also obtained a Diploma in Counselling Psychology in 2007 in Singapore, leading to a Masters in Counselling Psychology. The choice of study was due to her keen interest in understanding and studying human behaviour.

Faye brings with her over 7 years of customer service experience from the aviation industry where she received from leading airlines the best training in customer service, safety and first aid. The customer service training was intense and she was awarded many certificates for outstanding service. Faye enjoyed serving customers from all over the world and strongly believes that language is not a barrier in the service industry.

She also has nearly 4 years of corporate experience with exposure to research editing, PR & media, training & development, business development and operations. One of her main achievements was developing and managing business relationships for which she provided a frame work by tailor making the CRM solution to suit the company's business, keeping in alignment with the strategic objectives & service qualityof the organization.

Her passion for working with people and for people led her to volunteer with SANA and crime library and she eventually worked for the United Nations in an International NGO where she worked closely with corporate sponsors and shelters based in Singapore, Batam and Cambodia. Being proactive, results-orientated and independent she actively sourced out sponsorship for fund raising events and raised funds over and above target. Faye is a meticulous, detail & process orientedindividual. She has strong leadership qualities with the ability to motivate others. She has proven herself by leading many successful fund raising events, membership drives, awareness programs and workshops.

Due to her excellent oral and written communication skills she was in-charge of newsletters & website content, media events and press releases for events like The Asian Banker Summit where Ex Vice President (USA) Mr. Al Gore was the Keynote Speaker. She was also a senior research editor for 3 years.

Faye loves to travel and occasionally dabbles in oil paints producing replicas of well known artists.

Mr. Arthur F. Carmazzi

Ranked as the number 10 of the Top 30 Global Leadership Gurus by Gurus International, Arthur F. Carmazzi has 21 years experience specializing in psychological approaches to leadership and corporate culture transformation. He is are nowned motivational leadership keynote speaker and trainer in the Asian Region and has advanced Corporate Training with innovative techniques and tools that have been acknowledged by some of the world's greatest organizations. He is the best selling co-author of "The 6 Dimensions of Top Achievers".

And author of "Identity Intelligence", "The Psychology of Selecting the RIGHT Employee", and "Lessons from the Monkey King". Arthur's tools and methods have earned him and the Directive Communication methodology accreditation from the prestigious American Institute of Business Psychology.

Arthur is the developer of the CBCI (Colored Brain Communication Inventory) and HDMA Emotional profiling tools used for "Psycho-Productivity" management. These tools have been implemented across a variety of HR and Leadership disciplines by numerous multinationals to generate greater efficiency of human capital. The unique "linked implementation" structure of Arthur's tools and methods have earned him and the Directive Communication methodology accreditation from the prestigious American Institute of Business Psychology.

Arthur F. Carmazzi's Directive Communication™ Psychology has revolutionized how many multi-nationals' enhance and develop their organization with their most important resource - their people. Now you can access his secrets and apply the NEW DC PSYCHOLOGY in Leadership and workforce and Organizational Development.

Ms. Merry Riana

Merry Riana is a young millionaire, successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, dynamic trainer, and popular media personality.

At her current age of 26, Merry has achieved many successes that a lot of people twice her age have never even attempted to do. She has won many awards and broke industry record time and time again.

In July 2006, Merry successfully published her first book "A Gift From A Friend" which subsequently made its way into the Best-Seller list in the major bookstores in Singapore. Currently, "A Gift From A Friend" is being translated into its Mandarin and Malay version to reach out to the regional market, such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Merry is also well-known as one of the most powerful and dynamic trainers in Singapore. Over the last 4 years, she has motivated and trained thousands of professionals, managers, executives, business owners, salespeople, and students in areas like Entrepreneurship, Strategic Marketing and Sales, Motivation, Presentation and Communication Skills, among other areas.

Merry has been featured regularly in many media like the newspaper such as The Straits Times, Today, and The Sunday Times, and magazines such as Your Choice, Career Central, Cleo, Simply Her, Human Capital, and Female. She has also been interviewed on-air by WARNA 94.2FM and Radio Singapore International about her successes and achievements which she has reached in such a short period of time, around 4 years after her graduation from Nanyang Technological University.

In December 2006, Merry was conferred the Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award by the President, NTU ( Nanyang Technological University), Dr Su Guaning. This award was presented to her as NTU young alumna, who has gained national standing due to the significant contributions made in her profession, bringing honor and distinction to the University. She received the award from Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister of State for Education and Manpower.

Aligned with Merry's commitment to contribute back to society, she has pioneered two non-profit activities, Project: A Gift From A Friend and Personal Mentorship Experience.


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