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Asian LifeSkills’ consultancy customers have access to a wealth of experience and expertise.  Our coaches provide practical advice and solutions drawn from their own leadership roles and on-the-spot encounters in both local enterprises and the multi-national corporate arena.

At Asian LifeSkills, our consulting philosophy is a training lead and consultancy based approach. We will work in consultation with your team to better understand the needs of your company for effective results. Our "no frills" initiatives give relevant and workable solutions to your company through passionate employees.

The scope of education and training consulting programmes at Asian LifeSkills includes:

  • Training Design & Development
  • Total Training Plan / Training Needs Analysis
  • Action Learning
  • Work-life Balance

RICE consulting

Asian LifeSkills has appointed RICE Consulting as its Strategic Development partner.

RICE is dedicated to powering the dynamic development of the private and public sectors in Asia with its quality expertise and skills. RICE offers the best of the East and the West by fusing Asian perspectives with Western standards. Whether you are an Asian company aspiring to achieve scalable growth, or a Western firm seeking entry into the Asian market, RICE will be there every step of the way to help you to accomplish your objectives.

We are constantly refreshing our team of consultants and coaches to keep abreast with changes in management trends and business requirements.  At the same time, we keep a keen lookout for progressive partners and individuals who share our passion to enhance work styles and work skills in the Asian scene. 

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