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Training Design & Development

In any organisation, what is constant is change. In any economy, Organisation needs to re-structure to remain competitive in an interdependent market. Workforce need to be trained and re-trained to stay relevant and productive. Therefore, for training to be effective, adequate consideration must be focused on the Learners in areas of Conditions of Learning, Domain of Learning, Learning Styles and Motivation.

Appropriate theories of learning in the training design and development of training strategies are crucial and critical to best fit the gap of the Organisationís workforce. Hence, a systematic instructional design methodology using Bloomís Taxonomy and Gagneís Domain of Learning provides a comprehensive and integrated solution to a training related problem. The example is as follows:

  • Identification Performance Problem
  • Conduct of Front-End Analysis
  • Performance (Instructional) Goals and Objective
  • Strategies for Assessing Performance (Learning)
  • Instructional Analysis to Learning Objective
  • Instructional Strategies

For organisations that need to consolidate before making any further plan to advance, proper evaluation and effective feedback is important and inexpensive. A proper evaluation necessitates it to be a structured and systematic approach to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of any existing or new training and instructional activities that will cover the proper construct of questions, modes and details of data collection, data collation, analysing and interpretation of data. By so doing, data bias and misinterpretation would be minimise and avoided. They are many different evaluation models that are available and each of them is meant for specific purpose that must fit the intent of the evaluation exercise. The examples of evaluation model are mainly as follows:

  • Kirkpatrick’s Training
  • Management-Oriented
  • Consumer-Oriented
  • Expertise-Oriented
  • Objective-Oriented

The other main areas of focus in instructional design and technology would encompass the following:

  • Psychology of Learning and Instruction
  • Managing Instructional Systems
  • echnologies for Instruction

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